(PROLOGUE) Ep. 01 — The Story of Me, Part I

Life without context is simple
— Ethan Watters


Who do you think you are? 

It’s not an easy question to answer. It shouldn’t be. But I’ve tried to get the bottom of it by starting at the top.

To introduce this podcast project—Some Noise—the foolish pursuit of life, clarity and context—I’ve decided to report on the story of me.  But why? If this is going to be a show about other people, their lives and their purpose, then I think it’s only fair it start with, well, me.

Who am I? Where do I come from? What are my values? And where do they come from? 

I’ve interviewed family, friends, foes and strangers over the past year and asked them the very basic question—”Who am I?” It’s a four part series about me, according to others, broken up into family, the school years, work life and the outside perspective.

Show Notes:

1. [00:45] “This Too Shall Pass” by Andre Paola Juan

2. [01:35] Bryan Hasho (@bryanhasho)

3. [03:10] Plato’s Allegory of the Cave explained

4. [04:25] Ethan Watters (@ethanwatters1)

5. [04:40] Urban Tribes

6. [10:00] “Valley” performed by Quraishi 

7. More about Quraishi (The Wall Street Journal, 2014)

8. [13:00] More on Afghan Tribes (National Geographic, 2003)

9. Recommended reading on Afghanistan’s early history

10. [19:05] “Ai Ham Watan” by Ahmad Zahir (NPR, 2010)

11. [26:15] “Maida Maida” by Ehsan Aman (Los Angeles Times, 2001)

12. [37:45] “Saqi Na De” by Nashenas (The New York Times, 1992)