What Is This All About?

The American narrative we grew up with, the one with white picket fences, hard work and big dreams, is going through a massive identity crisis.

Is it good? Is it bad? Who is to say? But what’s particularly fascinating about these changes are the people and the forces that drive them. However, these stories, the stories of common folk doing uncommon things, are often summarized into click-bait style headlines.

Which is a shame because these stories are complex. Far too often, they get simplified to illicit a reaction of “that’s crazy” or “that’s awesome.” It’s almost as if we’ve lost the vocabulary or understanding to describe it as anything else. We lack context.

Part of that might be simply due to our information overload. Right now, we’re in a never-ending carousel of buzzwords that define what time we’re in like “the attention economy.” It’s this idea of digital Darwinism where the intent is to win your focus and that the Internet we have today is simply one of our own choosing. And today, it just happens to be very noisy.

So how does a long-form podcast solve that?

The aim of this podcast, Some Noise, is to dive into the context of what might appear as ordinary America—be it those who spend their Fridays in a wrestling ring or those that attend Sunday service and ask, why?  The answers, often times, are extraordinary.

At the end of the day, it’s just some noise. Noise that you can decide to listen to or filter, to ignore or act upon.