(PROLOGUE) Ep. 02 — The Story of Me, Part II

I felt like there was a dark piece of you that was under there.
— Rachel Crowe


For Part II of this four-part podcast prologue, we return to the school years. It’s a life experience most people can relate to—good or bad—in large part because of the amount of time spent.  

If you’re in your mid-20s and graduated from a four-year college or university, there’s a fair chance that you’ve spent almost one-third of your life waiting for some sort of bell to ring.

(You can do the math—[(# of semesters attended *~70 days per college semester)+(# of years spent in primary education*~180 days per primary school year) / [(# of years on Earth * 365 days of the year)]])*

So for this episode, I went back to school. I’ve interviewed long-time friends and folks that I haven’t spoken to in a long-time. I reached out to professors, classmates and foes. And a high-school coach who once taught Ralph Macchio—the Karate Kid.

How much have I changed? What did people think of me? Do people even remember who I am?

*P.S. You should know I’m bad at math, so if the above formula is suspect, please tweet it out. And then share the episode with everyone you know.

Show Notes

1. [00:05] “Talk in Circles” by Barone

2. [03:38] Dix Hills, Long Island [Wikipedia, 2015]

3. [04:32] Half Hollow Hills High School West [U.S. News, 2013]

4. [06:15] “Clint Eastwood” by the Vitamin String Quartet

5. [10:00] More on Mario

6. [11:22] “A Poor Man’s Memory” by Explosions in the Sky

6a. ^^^ This was the song I listened to before I broke my five-minute mile

7. [12:08] On Ralph Macchio [USA Today, 2014]

7a. Coach Finn was Mr. Macchio’s health teacher at one point

8. [13:00] “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis

9. [13:05] Roger Bannister running the first ever four-minute mile

10. [14:20] On Kyle Merber (@therealmerb)

11. [16:45] Stony Brook Fight Song

12. [17:03] What’s a Seawolf? Still unclear.

13. [17:35] Stony Brook University [Wikipedia, 2015]

14. [18:16] U.S. News Review 1942, Issue No. 3

15. [19:00] A documentary worth watching on Heinrich Himmler [Salon, 2014]

16. [19:20] “SS Marschiert in Feindesland

17. [21:00] More on the history of cakewalking. [NPR, 2013]

18. [21:55] “You’re Driving Me Crazy” by Charlie and His Orchestra

18a. ^^^FYI, this is a Nazi propaganda song

19. [22:55] Newspaper Production, An Educational Documentary 1937

20. [24:25] Harvey Aronson who co-edited “Naked Came The Stranger

21. [24:55] Irene Virag and some of her writing

22. [26:20] Newspapers, Behind the Scenes, 1970

23. [26:50] The Stony Brook Press

24. [27:20] “A Tale of Two Cities

25. [27:40] @vinbarone, who is also part of the band Barone

26. [29:00] The Story of The Press

27. [30:40] @RossBarkan

28. [32:45] “Ringer” by Barone

29. [36:50] @CarolinaHidalgo