(PROLOGUE) Ep. 03 — The Story of Me, Part III

That’s just part of your mask—we all have a mask...
— Josh Quittner


Your work experience ultimately comes down to one thing—how you sell yourself. Which, is a lie (or like a half-truth). Achievements and accomplishments are important, but what about everything else?

For part three of this prologue—the Story of Me—I’ve reached out to co-workers, old and new and asked them for a performance review—a review that goes a bit more in-depth than the last book I read or where I want to be in five years.

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Show Notes

  1. [00:37] “Thank You” by Nujabes feat. Apani B [The Japan Times, 2015]

  2. [01:38] Flipboard

  3. [01:52] Where I bussed tables for a few weeks. [The New Yorker, 2014]

  4. [03:30] “Sound of Da Beast” by KRS-One

  5. [04:50] “Ye Ishq Ishq Hai” by Roshanlal Nagrath

  6. [11:11] Newsday

  7. [13:15] Horses are measured in hands. [Cowboyway.com]

  8. [13:40] “Goin’ Back to Indiana” by Jackson 5

  9. [14:20] The Indianapolis Star

  10. [15:10] “Can’t Get Indiana Off My Mind” performed by Kate Smith [The New York Times, 1986]

  11. [16:55] “Deaf Protesters Fear For Future of Sign Language” [The Indianapolis Star, 2011]

  12. [17:20] “Still No signs of Missing IU Student” [The Indianapolis Star, 2011]

  13. [19:05] “Bear Mountain Picnic” by Bob Dylan

  14. [20:20] Josh Quittner (@twittner). Read his earlier work on the Internet and buying Mcdonalds.com.

  15. [20:30] “He’s my boss.” [Portlandia]

  16. [36:00] “Gold” by Hugh Masekela

  17. [37:10] Todd Lappin (@telstarlogistic)

  18. [37:20] Bernalwood