“I mean I don’t see a halo on you—even though I see a couple of horns. See that little angel and that little devil on the side. Yeah. You’re you.”
— Serafin Jose Saavedra


This story, the Story of Me, probably won’t have a proper ending, like the kind that is comforting and reminds you that all is well in the world. It shouldn’t. Because that’s false and I’m not dead yet.  

More than a month ago, the first part of this prologue aired with the intent of framing up this larger podcast project: a show about stories and the foolish pursuit of life, clarity and context. Family members, peers, friends and foes, from high school days to those that I work with were all interviewed.

Rather, this prologue wraps up with the outside perspective. What do strangers think of me? If you’re six-years-old and reading this, don’t try this at home. You shouldn’t be talking to strangers.

And then, the context. Was this project, a selfie in podcast form (possible Upworthy headline?), insightful? Did it provide any context about who I am?

Granted, it’s just the prologue, but it’s Some Noise.

Show Notes

  1. [00:35] “They Reminisce Over You” cover by Quantic

  2. [03:05] On Frodo and the Giant Eagles [Periannath.com, 2009]

  3. [03:10] America’s Most Expensive City [Zumper, 2015]

  4. [11:45] “93 ‘til Infinity” cover by Zifhang

  5. [17:55] “Google Google Apps Apps” by Persia

  6. [21:50] “O Yana Donder Beni” by Selda Bagcan [MiddleEastEye.net, 2015]

  7. [27:30] “This Too Shall Pass” by Andre Paola Juan

  8. [30:40] Ethan Watters (@ethanwatters1)

    1. Urban Tribes