Ep. 05 — What We Can Do?


To really answer the question, what is a question, is a very good question.
— Dr. Zeray Alemseged


That question, like most questions, confronts, inquires, investigates and challenges. And it, by no means, is simple to define.

For this episode of Some Noise, we try and get to the bottom of questions and ask a bunch of different people, from a linguistics professor, an experienced LSD taker to a futurist: “What is a question?"

Show Notes

  1. [00:05] “Hypnosister” by LUMP

  2. [02:30] Zeray Alemseged (TED Talk, 2007)

  3. [02:40] On the Discovery of Selam (CNN, 2013)

  4. [03:55] “Vibrant Canopy” by Blue Dot Sessions

  5. [06:25] “Insatiable Toad” by Blue Dot Sessions

  6. [08:10] Bio for Eve Clark

  7. [13:15] “Denmark” by Portland Cello Project

    1. A short film with the same score

  8. [19:20] More on The Stanford Prison Experiment (Los Angeles Times, 2004)

  9. [22:20] “An Introduction to Beatles” by Blue Dot Sessions

  10. [28:00] Howard Rheingold (@hrheingold)

  11. [28:25] KLIF Dallas Radio Broadcast of President John F. Kennedy’s Assassination

  12. [29:55] Virtual communities, the WELL and the Whole Earth Review (The Atlantic, 2012)

  13. [30:10] The Martian Report

  14. [32:00] “Inside the Paper Crane” by Blue Dot Sessions

  15. [33:45] U.S. crackdown on LSD (Chicago Tribune, 1964)

  16. [36:10] Robert “Rosie” Rosenthal (@rosey18)

  17. [37:20] The Mountain War (The New York Times, 1982)

  18. [38:50] “Wax Paper Jewel” by Blue Dot Sessions

  19. [44:55] Alexander Rose, Long Now Foundation (@zander)

  20. [45:15] The 10,000 Year Clock

  21. [47:00] “Inside the Origami Violin” by Blue Dot Sessions