Ep. 07 — This Is Real

People want to see good overcome evil, even though that’s not always the way it plays out, that’s what they’re coming out to see.
— Shane Hanson

Who should you be and what should you do?

Escape all the worries of life with a quick trip to Hoodslam, a wrestling outfit based in Oakland, Calif. It’s an adult wrestling show where other people make that decision for you. At least, you submit yourself to believing in everything around you, like someone getting hit in the face with a chair, seeing the ghost of Charlie Chaplin jump off the turnbuckle or a drug-addicted bunny snort lines off a championship trophy.

You don’t mind that what is fake is actually real and you begin to ask, “If I was a wrestler, who would I be?” (Answer: Super Self-Aware Man, a sure-to-be fan favorite)

This is the story of an alternative wrestling show that boasts slogans like “Fuck the Fans” and “Don’t Bring Your Kids.” Why did it start, who goes to its shows and who are its wrestlers?

Show Notes:

  1. [02:00] “Weathervane” by Blue Dot Sessions

  2. [03:20] @AJkirsch as @BroJoeBrody

  3. [04:35] An article on who likes Nickelback? (Wall Street Journal, 2016)

  4. [04:40] “Photograph” by Nickelback

  5. [06:15] “Seamless” by  Blue Dot Sessions

  6. [07:50] A worthwhile read about the WWE by @davidshoemaker (Grantland, 2015)

  7. [08:00] WWE Tough Enough Season 5 (Wikipedia)

  8. [08:35] “Cobweb Transit” by Blue Dot Sessions

  9. [09:35] Wrestling in old Chinese texts (Wikipedia)

  10. [09:35] Wrestling in Islamic culture (Bakkah.net)

  11. [09:50] “Hidden Tiles” by Blue Dot Sessions

  12. [10:00] On the rise of the American Circus (U.S. History in Context, 1997)

  13. [10:35] More on the Gold Dust Trio (Ourwwereviews.wordpress.com, 2011)

  14. [11:05] More about the wrestling territories (Basementgeographer.com, 2011)

  15. [11:10] Kirk White of @BTWrestlingCA

  16. [12:00] On the size of the National Wrestling Alliance (Wikipedia)

  17. [13:00] “No Chance in Hell”, @vincemcmahon’s wrestling intro music since 1999.

  18. [14:30] On Ted Turner and the WWE (Bleacher Report, 2011)

  19. [14:35] On the WCW (Wikipedia)

  20. [14:45] One of wrestler Bill Goldberg’s entrances to the ring

  21. [15:05] Brett Hart, Ric Flair and Macho Man Randy Savage

  22. [15:15] New World Order WCW promo

  23. [15:40] @TheRock’s intro, known also as Dwayne Johnson

  24. [15:55] D-Generation X Intro

  25. [16:25] @steveaustinbsr | Stone Cold Steve Austin’s entrance

  26. [17:30] 2015 WWE Company Financial Report

  27. [17:35] Sports Illustrated's @richarddeistch

  28. [19:05] “Denzel Sprak” by Blue Dot Sessions

  29. [19:50] The Undertaker choke-slams Mankind (@realmickfoley) off the top of the Hell in a Cell.

  30. [21:40] Sam Khandaghabadi

  31. [23:00] “Seamless” by Blue Dot Sessions

  32. [23:35] Superman & Mythbrawl

  33. [25:25] On gigging. (Bleacher Report, 2009)

  34. [27:10] Pooh Jack | Inspired by ECW wrestler New Jack

  35. [27:15] Cereal Man

  36. [27:55] The Stoner Brothers

  37. [28:50] “Thread Indigo” by Blue Dot Sessions

  38. [31:40] Shotzi Blackheart

  39. [33:30] An unrelated video worth watching about practice

  40. [34:55] Shane Patterson, who also wrestles as Scorpion

  41. [35:30] Anthony Lucido who wrestles as @HighruleHero

  42. [36:10] “Javan” by Blue Dot Sessions

  43. [44:20] Shane Hanson as Doc Atrocity

  44. [45:45] “Here Comes the Hotstepper” by Ini Kamoze

  45. [47:10] Michael Johnson, who wrestles as @DrugzBunnyFTF

  46. [52:35] “Helmer Sprak” by Blue Dot Sessions