Ep. 12 — Keeping the Faith: When There Was Peace [Part I of II]

Brother, you don’t eat pork do you?
— Man with wine.


First, there is shock. Then, dread catches up with anticipation. Finally, disappointment.

New York. St. Cloud. Orlando. San Bernardino. Chattanooga. Garland. Boston. Fort Hood. Brussels. Paris. Nice. Kabul. Baghdad. Quetta. Lahore. Istanbul.

Not again.

It’s difficult to remember what life was like before any of this, when there was no YouTube or Twitter and when the Twin Towers were still part of New York City’s skyline.

There wasn’t too much cause for concern about being named Muhammad, wearing a hijab or simply practicing the faith. But times change. Now, two months away from Election Day, a presidential candidate who supports the racial profiling of Muslims and banning their entry into the country is in real contention to be the next Commander-In-Chief.

But before any of that, the vitriol and hate, the radicalization and endless news cycles, the color-coded threat levels and social media jihad, there was a simpler version of Islam in America. In this episode, we dive into what life was like for Muslims around a northern Virginia mosque just eight stoplights away from the Pentagon.


Show Notes

  1. [04:30] The O’Reilly Factor: 5 Islamist Groups in America

  2. [04:45] The Five: One More Thing

  3. [04:50] Fox and Friends: Dar al-Hijrah Mosque

  4. [05:05] YouTube user spcengineer2003

  5. [05:15] “Sidi Mansour” by — and the lyrics.

  6. [06:50] One Nation Under Gods by Peter Manseau

  7. [07:30] “Alchemical” by Blue Dot Sessions

  8. [09:30] “Fama Allah” by Idrissa Soumaoro

  9. [11:15] The Message (1978)

  10. [13:45] “Levee Camp Holler

  11. [14:50] “Domina Transit” by Blue Dot Sessions

  12. [15:30] Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

  13. [16:20] Malcolm X’s ‘Hate’ Speech

  14. [18:00] “Disinter” by Blue Dot Sessions

  15. [21:40] “Jeramiah’s Suit” by Blue Dot Sessions

  16. [24:05] ABC News: America Held Hostage

  17. [24:10] NBC News: Iranian Students Storm U.S. Embassy

  18. [24:20] UPI: Iran Hostage Crisis

  19. [24:30] President Jimmy Carter’s response to Iran Hostage Crisis

  20. [24:50] The Iron Sheik WWF promo

  21. [25:30] “Lesser Gods of Metal” by Blue Dot Sessions

  22. [29:00] “Sparse” by Blue Dot Sessions

  23. [32:00] “Feather on the Crest” by Blue Dot Sessions

  24. [32:05] 9/11 news compilation by YouTube user Scar7752

  25. [34:10] President George W. Bush’s comments to a Muslim community shortly after 9/11

  26. [35:50] “That Horse Ithica” by Blue Dot Sessions

  27. [36:50] Trailer for The Seige (1998)

  28. [37:30] “Just the Feeling in the Room” by Blue Dot Sessions