Ep. 14 — The Trump Minority

Any true Americans over here?
— Michael, a man from Boston with a sign


Amidst all the chaos that has been the 2016 presidential election, there is a special group of Americans fighting against the mainstream current—the Trump Minority, like actual minorities voting for Trump.

On this episode, we travel the country and talk to some of these individuals and ask why?

Show Notes: 

  1. [00:30] The Village of the Appomattox Courthouse

  2. [01:35] More on Patrick Schroeder

  3. [02:00] Light reading on the election of 1860

  4. [02:10] “Thread of Clouds” by Blue Dot Sessions

  5. [03:00] Bernie Sanders on Clinton Emails (CNN)

  6. [03:10] Jeb Bush asking an audience to clap (CNN)

  7. [03:20] Lincoln Chafee on the metric system (CSPAN)

  8. [03:30] Moments from the 10th 2016 Republican Primary Debate (CNN)

  9. [03:45] HIllary Clinton on Trump supporters (AP)

  10. [03:55] The rise and fall of Ken Bone (Newsy and Salon)

  11. [04:00] Trump’s comments to Billy Bush (The Washington Post)

  12. [04:20] Clashes between pro and anti-Trump protesters (AP)

  13. [04:35] Protester at Bill Clinton rally

  14. [04:45] Protests at Chicago Trump Rally (FOX 10 Phoenix)

  15. [05:35] “War” by Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

  16. [07:45] More on Helmut Norpoth and his primary model prediction (The Daily Beast)

  17. [10:10] Vote on rules of 2016 Republican National Convention (FOX 10 Phoenix)

  18. [10:45] Light reading on the history of the 2016 Clinton Campaign (Wikipedia)

  19. [11:00] Sen. Bernie Sanders during a Democratic primary debate (MSNBC)

  20. [11:15] Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Marco Rubio “spar” during a Republican primary debate (ABC News)

  21. [11:40] “Pavement Hack” by Blue Dot Sessions

  22. [12:20] Light reading on the 1912 Presidential election (Wikipedia)

  23. [13:00] Light reading on the 1964 Presidential election (Wikipedia)

  24. [13:05] Lyndon Johnson’s “Daisy” ad

  25. [14:00] Light reading on the 1968 Presidential election (Wikipedia)

  26. [14:25] Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s full “I Have Been to the Mountaintop” speech

  27. [14:45] Robert F. Kennedy on the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  28. [15:00] Archival audio of the death of Robert F. Kennedy

  29. [15:30] “Silky” by Blue Dot Sessions

  30. [16:50] Donald Trump announces his 2016 candidacy for President of the United States (NBC News)

  31. [17:05] Donald Trump speech in Anaheim, CA about immigration and building a wall (FOX 10 Phoenix)

  32. [18:05] “Petulama” by Blue Dot Sessions

  33. [18:30] More on David Firestone (@fstonenyc)

  34. [18:35] Donald Trump on Sen. John McCain’s service in the military (CSPAN)

  35. [19:30] Donald Trump mocking a New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski (CNN)

  36. [20:00] “Black Ballots” by Blue Dot Sessions

  37. [21:15] Background on the Clinton Foundation and its pay-for-play allegations (NPR)

  38. [21:30] Short summary of Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s testimony (The Washington Post)

  39. [22:10] On U.S. home-ownership rates (The Wall Street Journal)

  40. [28:10] “Everything Is Not Going to be OK” by Craig Andrew Fitzpatrick

  41. [31:20] “Rally” by Blue Dot Sessions

  42. [31:40] On percentage of Latinos in the U.S. Military (NBC News)

  43. [31:50] On percentage of Latinos in support of Trump (NBC News/ Wall Street Journal / Telemundo)

  44. [37:10] Christian Minister Trebor Gordon calls to block Syed Ali from Houston GOP precinct chair position for being Muslim (The Washington Post)

  45. [40:10] “Periodicals” by Blue Dot Sessions

  46. [40:35] Donald Trump on Muslims in speech given in South Carolina (CSPAN)

  47. [46:05] “Trailing Comma” by Blue Dot Sessions

  48. [46:50] “Story Four Theme” by Blue Dot Sessions

  49. [48:40] Then Sen. Barack Obama’s speech in Iowa after winning the 2008 Caucus

  50. [49:10] “Jefferson” by Blue Dot Sessions

  51. [51:05] “Pieces” by Blue Dot Sessions

  52. [51:35] Malcolm X’s 1964 speech about African Americans and political chumps

  53. [52:40] “The Pi Sleeps” by Blue Dot Sessions

  54. [53:55] “Then a Gambling Problem” by Blue Dot Sessions

  55. [54:35] Trump’s plea to African Americans (CNN)

  56. [56:45] Trump’s “Contract With America” delivered at Gettysburg

  57. [57:10] “Everything Is Not Going to be OK” by Craig Andrew Fitzpatrick

  58. [57:40] Reuters poll on percentage of Republicans who would accept a Clinton victory (Reuters)

  59. [59:35] Light reading on Ely Parker (Wikipedia)