Ep. 15 — We Out Here

I think intelligence in the universe is very rare.
— Dr. James Rice, NASA, Mars Exploration Rover Geology Team Leader


2017, let’s start anew! Let’s just pack up, say our goodbyes and march (drive, fly or sail) to greener pastures.

But where to? Canada is cold around this time of year, Europe is in limbo, and everywhere else has spotty wifi (it doesn’t). It’s almost like no place is pure anymore; the globalized world of infinite opportunity is really just finite like everything else. This is it.

But for some folks, the answer to humanity’s woes is simply a matter of looking up at Mars.

The following is a story about the motivations and backgrounds of individuals looking to trailblaze their way into human history by landing on the Red Planet.

Show Notes: 

Show Notes:

  1. [00:45] “Smooth Stone” by Blue Dot Sessions

  2. [03:25] Canada’s Immigration Website Goes Down After Election Day (NPR)

  3. [07:25] Dr. Robert Zubrin (@robert_zubrin)

  4. [07:25] The Mars Society

  5. [07:50] “Tanguedo” by Blue Dot Sessions

  6. [08:05] Light reading on Sputnik

  7. [08:40] “Katyusha” by Red Army Choir and the backstory to the song

  8. [08:45] Audio from Yuri Gagarin’s trip on Vostok I in 1961

  9. [09:35] President John F. Kennedy’s Moon Speech

  10. [10:14] The rough cost of the Apollo missions (TheSpaceReview.com)

  11. [10:40] More on the Hubble telescope (Space.com)

  12. [10:45] More on the International Space Station (Space.com)

  13. [10:50] On the retirement of the space shuttle program (Gizmodo)

  14. [11:15] Former Congresswoman Donna Edwards (@donnafedwards)

  15. [12:25] A map of all the various NASA facilities

  16. [12:55] Zubrin’s Mars Direct Plan (WIRED) and NASA’s 90 Day “Battlestar Galactica Plan

  17. [15:00] “Laser Focus” by Blue Dot Sessions

  18. [15:15] Silicon Valley’s Space Race (CNET)

  19. [16:05] More on Leonard David and his latest book Mars: Our Future on the Red Planet

  20. [16:55] A quick backstory on SpaceX (TIME)

  21. [16:55] Related: Elon Musk’s Personal Mission Behind Going to Mars (WIRED)

  22. [17:25] More on Richard Davis

  23. [19:40] “Spinning Meter” by Blue Dot Sessions

  24. [20:10] More on McGill University’s Bhumi

  25. [21:10] Photos from the Viking I (Space.com)

  26. [21:30] Audio from the control room of the Curiosity landing in 2012

  27. [22:00] More on Dr. James Rice (Spaceflightinsider.com)

  28. [23:20] “More Weather” by Blue Dot Sessions

  29. [23:30] More on NASA Opportunity’s marathon mission (CNN)

  30. [26:00] More on the Fermi Paradox

  31. [27:30] “A Calendar Spread” by Blue Dot Sessions

  32. [29:05] The average person in the world (National Geographic)

  33. [29:10] The average American (fool.com) and their estimated debts (NerdWallet)

  34. [29:40] Gallup’s “Most Important Problem” Poll (Gallup)

  35. [30:20] Dr. Edward Hudgins (@DrEdwardHudgins)

  36. [31:35] “Leadin” by Blue Dot Sessions

  37. [31:40] Related reading: genetic engineering and space travel (WIRED)

  38. [36:15] Matt Damon on Mars

  39. [36:20] Humanity surviving a Mars Attack

  40. [36:25] Tom Sachs and his Mars mission (Motherboard)

  41. [36:30] The full film to Tom Sachs’ A Space Program here. (special thanks to Zeitgest Films)

  42. [39:20] Some more reading on difficulties of going to Mars (Space.com)

  43. [39:30] Yari and R. Daniel Golden-Castano

  44. [40:00] More on Mars One (The Verge)

  45. [40:40] “Domina Transit” by Blue Dot Sessions

  46. [41:30] Neil deGrasse Tyson on Mars One

  47. [46:10] Dan Carey (@DanCarey_404)

  48. [47:20] “Closing Shop” by Blue Dot Sessions  

  49. [50:55] “Scalloped” by Blue Dot Sessions

  50. [58:45] “Velvet Ladder” by Blue Dot Sessions