Ep. 16 — What Is It All About

And I think it saved the day, because we didn’t have any money.
— Captain Rainbow


No place has tested the currents of change more than the Anderson Valley, a Gaza Strip-sized setting hidden in the hills of Northern California. Home to the language of Boontling, a fast fading past prose of the old frontier, the fate of the area’s kitschy tongue relies not on whether the valley will change, but how.

And why.

Show Notes: 

  1. [00:40] “Curious” by Blue Dot Sessions

  2. [03:10] “Time” by Morgan O’Kane

    1. Related: A short video profile of O’Kane busking in New York City

  3. [04:30] Light reading on Wes Smoot (The Anderson Valley Advertiser)

  4. [05:35] An alternate definition for the origin of the “buckey walter”

  5. [06:00] “Town Market” by Blue Dot Sessions

  6. [06:20]  Light reading on the discovery of the Anderson Valley

  7. [06:30] A close look at where valley is located (Cleveland State University)

    1. And a step back (Walt Wines)

  8. [07:05] Boontling: An American Lingo by Charles C. Adams

  9. [09:20] Some neat articles that dive into the boontling dictionary

    1. ...in The Atlas Obscura

    2. ...in TIME

    3. ...in The Daily Mail

    4. ...in The Paris Review

    5. ...in The A.V. Club

    6. ...in Crave

  10. [11:50] “Lemon and Melon” by Blue Dot Sessions

  11. [13:00] Boontling and the Anderson Valley Brewing Company

  12. [14:45] Light reading on Bobby “Chimpunk” Glover (The Anderson Valley Advertiser)

  13. [15:15] The New York Times’ review of “Bulrusher” by Eisa Davis

  14. [16:35] “Milkwood” by Blue Dot Sessions

  15. [17:30] Light reading on the Pomo Indians

  16. [18:00] Audio from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s fireside chat about the Dust Bowl

  17. [18:15] Audio from a newsreel depicting sights and sounds from Victory in Europe Day in 1945

  18. [19:00] Light reading on Danny Kuny

  19. [22:20] “Ve Main Chori Chori” by Reshma

  20. [23:20] “Sunday Lights” by Blue Dot Sessions

  21. [23:40] Highly recommend listening to this podcast interview between Russell Brand and Adam Curtis about individualism

  22. [31:00] “Don’t Fear the Reaper” cover by the Vitamin String Quartet

  23. [31:05] Light reading on Jim Jones (The Atlantic)

  24. [31:10] KGO News report of the the massacre at Jonestown

  25. [31:50] Light reading on Charles Manson (Wikipedia)

  26. [35:05] The Grange

  27. [36:15] “Midnight Rider” by the Allman Brothers

  28. [36:20] “Fishing in the Dark” by the Nitty Gritty Band

  29. [39:30] “Which Side Are You On” performed by Darryl Cherney

  30. [40:40] Light reading on the impacts of clear-cutting

  31. [40:45] “Algae Tender” by Blue Dot Sessions

  32. [43:40] “Brimevil” by Blue Dot Sessions

  33. [43:55] Light reading on the Spotted Owl (National Geographic). Audio from xeno-canto.org

  34. [44:00] A timeline of the Spotted Owl’s effect on timber and impact on price

  35. [44:15] What cutting a redwood looks and sounds like

  36. [44:30] An overview of Mendocino County’s timber harvesting

  37. [44:34] A deep read on the more recent state of the redwood

  38. [45:50] Lousiana Pacific celebrates 40th Anniversary at New York Stock Exchange

  39. [46:40] More on Sherry Glaser

  40. [47:40] “Earth First” by Darryl Cherney

  41. [49:25] Light reading on Redwood Summer and the Cointelpro (The Nation)

  42. [49:50] “Who Bombed Judi Bari” performed by Darryl Cherney

    1. Related: Trailer to “Who Bombed Judi Bari?”‚ a documentary that explores the title prompt

  43. [49:55] KTVU News report related to Judi Bari bombing

  44. [50:20] “Algae Trio” by Blue Dot Sessions

  45. [50:35] Related: Judi Bari’s obituary in the New York Times

  46. [51:05] Light reading on selling logs to Mexico (Los Angeles Times)

  47. [53:35] Lousiana Pacific sells its California assets (CNN Money)

  48. [56:00] “Felt Lining” by Blue Dot Sessions

  49. More at thisissomenoise.com