Ep. 18 — What Is It All About (Part III of III)

I am not the ‘Boont’ God.
— Rod 'Tubs' DeWitt


With wave after wave of socioeconomic changes crashing into the Anderson Valley, a quiet and historically agrarian area, the lifestyle that gave rise to Boontling is quickly fading away. The fate and the future of the kitschy tongue lies solely in how the community comes to terms with market forces, the environment and, most importantly, its values.

Show Notes: 

  1. [00:20] “Gymnopedies 2” by Blue Dot Sessions

  2. [01:10] Map of the Anderson Valley (SF Gate)

  3. [02:20] A list of some boontling terms

  4. [03:15] See more context here:

    1. Part I

    2. Part II

  5. [04:15] More on John Frati and Frati Horn (avwines.com)

  6. [05:25] “Veins of Coal” performed by Richie Stearns

  7. [06:45] Bruce Anderson response to Ep. 016 (The Anderson Valley Advertiser)

  8. [07:00] Instances of published satire gone awry

  9. [07:05] More light reading about the Anderson Valley Advertiser (Newsweek)

  10. [08:40] Light reading on David Severn’s time as publisher of The AVA (Editor & Publisher)

  11. [09:10] More on the “Redwood Summer” in Part I

  12. [09:20] “Lemon and Melon (Piano Version)” by Blue Dot Sessions

  13. [09:50] More on the wine explosion in Part II

  14. [10:05] Map of wineries and vineyards in the Anderson Valley (Chasingthevine.com)

  15. [10:05] List of the big wine players in the valley (The Anderson Valley Advertiser)

  16. [11:10] Mendocino County’s history on GMOs (Wine Spectator)

    1. Related reading on pesticides in the Central Valley (Pacific Standard)

  17. [12:00] “Rapids” by Blue Dot Sessions

  18. [12:20] Light reading on water use per California crop (Mother Jones)

  19. [12:30] On the issue of wine, water and drought (The Sacramento Bee)

    1. How much wine gets produced per acre (Wine Spectator)

    2. How many grapes in a bottle of wine (Vinepair)

    3. Light reading on what’s in a bottle of wine (Wine Folly)

    4. Related: The water footprint of other foods (Los Angeles Times)

    5. Related: A visual of California’s agricultural water footprint (Mother Jones)

    6. Background on an Olympic-sized swimming pool (Wikipedia)

  20. [13:10] Light reading on the vineyard irrigation debate (SF Gate)

  21. [13:40] More on Jim Doersken (The Press Democrat)

  22. [16:10] Light reading on the creek behind Doersken’s house (The Anderson Valley Advertiser)

  23. [18:50] A Brief History of California Water Policy (Public Policy Institute of California)

  24. [19:05] A little more on the City of  Los Angeles’ pueblo rights

  25. [19:45] A helpful video how water becomes a right (US Law Review)

  26. [21:00] Map of California’s water system (Capital Public Radio)

    1. Related: Light reading on the Central and State Water Project

    2. Alexis Madrigal on the California Water Crisis (The Atlantic)

    3. John Muir on the Hetch Hetchy Issue in early 1900s (George Mason University)

  27. [21:20] Latest on Gov. Jerry Brown’s tunnel project (Los Angeles Times)

    1. Related: A quick primer on Gov. Jerry Brown’s water tunnel project (San Jose Mercury News)

    2. Part III of a short doc-series on tunnel project (VICE)

    3. ...and the politics playing out behind the scenes (Sacramento Bee)

  28. [21:45] “Leavanger” (Minimal) by Blue Dot Sessions

  29. [22:15] More on The Wonderful Company and Stuart Resnick (Mother Jones)

  30. [22:40] More on the state of California’s big green thumb (2016 California Department of Food and Agriculture)

    1. Related: The larger impact behind California agriculture (KCET)

    2. 2016 California Domestic Wine Sales and some additional background (Wine Institute)

    3. 2016 U.S. Box Office Domestic Sales (Box Office Mojo)

  31. [25:20] The state of California wells (Marketplace)

    1. More on the race to the bottom (News Deeply)

  32. [26:15] More on California’s new groundwater law (KQED)

  33. [26:25] And some light reading on California’s state mandate of 25 percent water reduction (Los Angeles Times)

    1. And the criticisms of the mandate (Los Angeles Times)

  34. [27:20] Light reading on the state of wells and water (Visalia Times-Delta)

    1. Related: The state of industrial well drilling (National Geographic)

    2. Related: On the prices of wells (Fresno Bee)

    3. Related: Opinion on the affordability of water (Los Angeles Times)

  35. [27:45] Light reading on California’s subsidence woes from NASA

    1. And from the USGS

  36. [28:10] More on Will Parrish (@willparrishca)

  37. [28:15] See his work on the wine industry here (East Bay Express)

    1. And here (The Anderson Valley Advertiser)

  38. [29:55] “Kalsted” by Blue Dot Sessions

  39. [30:00] The landscape of money, politics and wine (The Anderson Valley Advertiser)

  40. [30:35] The “using of science as a political football…” (The Anderson Valley Advertiser)

    1. More on the same story here

  41. [32:40] More on Zac Robinson (Mendocino County Wine & Winegrapes)

  42. [33:30] Light reading on the groundwater basin around the Anderson Valley (California Department of Water Resources)

  43. [34:30] Overview of state water regulatory bodies and jurisdictions (California Legislative Analyst’s Office)

  44. [35:45] More on Navarro Vineyards here (princeofpinot.com)

  45. [36:00] “Exceter Lask” by Blue Dot Sessions

  46. [36:55] And another quick refresh on California water rights (UC Davis)

  47. [37:15] More on illegal diversions (The Anderson Valley Advertiser)

  48. [39:55] Light reading on Emerald Triangle

  49. [40:05] History of marijuana in California (KQED)

  50. [40:30] Light reading on Supervisor Dan Hamburg (The Anderson Valley Advertiser)

  51. [41:50] Light reading on Prop 215 (Wikipedia)

  52. [42:00] And some light reading on SB 420 (Sacramento County Public Law)

    1. Related: Breakdown of local growth limits (Green 215)

  53. [42:00] See: The Trump Administration’s stance on marijuana legalization (New York Magazine)

  54. [42:20] Results of Prop 64 (Ballotpedia)

  55. [42:30] And why 2018 matters... (Salon)

  56. [43:00] The association of Mexican cartels and pot growing seen here (The Press Democrat)

    1. Here (TIME)

    2. Here (Ukiah Daily Journal)

  57. [43:10] And on the topic of illegal pot cultivation and its impact on the environment (The Atlantic)

  58. [44:10] A further breakdown of Prop 64 with expected timeline delivery dates (California Growers Association)

  59. [44:20] More on the purchase of an old Fetzer Wine property for cannabis investment (The Press Democrat)

    1. Related: Vineyards exploring involvement with new pot economy (Herb)

    2. Related: When pot meets wine (The New York Times)

    3. Related: Vineyards or marijuana farm? (Sacramento Bee)

  60. [44:30] The water that goes into marijuana (Marijuana Venture)

    1. Related: Behind the scenes on a pot farm (KALW)

    2. Related: On the topic of producing vices during times of drought (Nautilus)

  61. [45:20] “Levanger” by Blue Dot Sessions

  62. [48:30] “Tolls Folly” by Blue Dot Sessions

  63. [49:00] More on the state of the Navarro (The Anderson Valley Advertiser)